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Ok since the introduction of my mountain bike/hiking shoes, hard shifts, or just at inoppprtune moments, my feet stutter off the pedals. It's been a real momentum robber. Sigh, I ran by REI and bought some wellgo mt-10 strapless toe clips. I'm on the indoor trainer riding them as we speak. Only time will tell if I can withstand the change to my form or not. It's making me pedal differently and use new muscles. I'll have to let ya know once the jury comes in.

I'm sorry to report that life is getting in the way of my Mom making it. Although I want her here, I couldn't conceive how she would've seen me, which bugged me. In my heart I know that if things change she'll be here, she will see me on another ride, AND she'd better keep her cell on! It's setting in that I'm coming into some arduous training.
I'll be needing her cheer. She mentioned she had a stomach thing today and last night. I hope she gets to feeling better. I was laid low for darn near a week!
Gnight for now.