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A pooped doggie weekend

Yesterday, after keeping me up much of the night.... Bruce headed into work and I headed back to bed. Lots of snoozing. Once I was alive, outside for pitstop. Neighbor saw and yelled are you just out or headed in. We were just out so Mary Ann threw on clothes and Mary Ann, Michael, dorrie and Layla and I went to play. This was supposed to be less goose poopy. Hum yea less goose, 1000 % more deer poops. At one point Layla snared a pile of pellets. In 2 seconds that was violently spit a good 5 feet. They played, oh did they play. Back to the house we walked, only to hear Bruce would soon arrive. Vacuum, clean the pellet stove and off with Bruce for a dog field trip to petco. She was an angel. 2-3 kids hugged her, petted her ears, and tried to get a lick. She was the belle of the ball. Home and boy, how she slept. This morning, Sunday, we took her for a hike by the lake. She was a quivery mess when we returned to the car. She crashed for a few hours. And then I took her out for another long leash walk. Sleepy tired girl is she ;). We seem to have broken our dog. Now to do that on a Friday night ;).
Well, I'm not riding yet but I'm sure putting on mileage.

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