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Headed back from Uncle David's funeral tomorrow morning. It's been a rough visit. Dad's sicker than he was. Guess I'll tackle that later. Grief. I cannot believe that he passed away at 57. Jeezm. No one knew he was sick intil 12 hours before he died. Diseases ranged from cirrhosis to cancer to cracked ribs poking organs. Regardless, he's dead, we didn't know it was coming and I'm sad. I kinda thought dad and he would be drinking buddies or something. Guess I thought wrong. I can't wait to get home and stop smelling and reeking of smoke. It was funny, in order to visit I gave to sit at dads or gpa Sonnys and struggle to breathe. I take claritind but toward the end of the day, I hate to resupply. Sigh. I wish Bruce could have come and that people here didnt think he was a figment if my imagination. ;). Let me rest and digest. Homeward bound, I will soon be ... Homeward bound.

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