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School and...
I've already begun weighing next year's ride. After visiting KS, for Canadian turkey day, I'm wishing they'd all seen my home. I wish things flowed enough that via a lack of miles and time apart we simply flowed in and out of each others lives ;). We played so much scrabble that my fingers are still cramped, but that's what we do. The competition of scrabble seems to focus us away from most trials and tribulations and brings about a teasing and love that's fun.

We visited grandpas grave. It hurt still. Sigh, I wish it didn't but maybe someday. I think it's regrets mostly. A wishing for an intimacy that the miles apart prevents, or at least puts a kink in. It isn't until we're all together that I start to wonder how callous or 'Boston' Ive become. I find I don't worry as much as I used to. I don't think of small things to keep the flow smooth. Life is just life, nothing is a slight or disrespectful. When I'm home though, pressures creep in. I wish with more time together it will melt away, but again... Distance. And even if everyone was here, hostess vs family is a hard internal war when you really don't see each other.

Regardless it was awesome, a most relaxing escape right when I needed it. Hmm oh u should really do thank you notes soon and prepare to sign up for 2013....on and on we go.