evybodylivinnow (evybodylivinnow) wrote,

Day2 revisited

Soooo, being here in VT is harder than I thought. Talking to Sharon as they prepare for next week. Meeting Sarah, Kevin's friend who just had surgery to remove some stage 2 cancer I her 'lady parts' ( I swear that's all I know).  Well I lied.  I know they told her they didn't get it all and in six months they'll go take out the rest.  No treatments after though, removing her reproductive parts seems to be the extent of it.  I didn't ask hormone replacement or whatever, I did just meet her.  

I ache...missing Kara has me distraught.  All the things I didn't say.  Remembering how sweet her mom was to point Aunt Kim out, and ask Kara if that was why they were seeking out red hair dye to be like me.   I wish I'd have voiced things, but that wasn't the way of it.  I guess I need to figure out my own way not to get shook up.   Let Kara go, love the girls or spoil em or whatever ;).   Be the Auntie.    Maybe I'll go ride this afternoon. 
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