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Ride thoughts?

Mom arrived Thursday evening…. it was very difficult to imagine that the ride was truly about to begin. I had not yet packed… not even really started. I've spent much of this year in the funkiest of funks…. denial of De Niley (yes, I mean the river in Egypt.) So in typical Kim fashion I stalled until the last minute. We'd even made a stop on the way to get Mom to pick up some SportLegs(homeopathic pills to keep the lactic buildup/burning out of my legs). I was getting there, but wasn't yet in the mood. Bruce did the heavy lifting so that I wouldn't hurt myself. I think he was worried that I'd pull a hammie and fall to the ground screaming that I couldn't possibly do this !!!! He also helped me inspect my tires. There were 2-3 pieces of embedded glass/metal/stone. Soooo glad we checked. We finally jaunted out to the Host (start) and did the register and drop off Bethany dance.
You already know I was not asleep as much as I should have been. The stupid party animals on the patio under our window.... I wanted to do them bodily harm. Regardless, I skulked (Bruce was awake, but I hoped he'd doze again) downstairs in the hotel around 3:20am... Mom arrived in the lobby around 3:30. It was nice that she was there to lend moral support. Darn good thing I went down early. I chatted with the guy at the desk; are you doing a marathon? a triathalon? I told him about the ride and so on...He offered me some food from the buffet that he doesn't set up for yet another few hours. Uhm, you do know they said the buffet would be up for us at 3:30am, right? Oh crud, and he realized as others came looking for food/coffee. He got it up and going... hopped a school bus with a guy telling Mom that they'd take good care of me. I got to the start around 430am, ate some more snacks, strolled around the hotel and generally killed an hour before our 5:30am start. It was funny, I saw the CEO Billy Starr the evening before. In typical fashion, I did not say hello or introduce myself. Bruce teased me that I turned bright red and darn near curtsied and uttered a my leige. :) So imagine as I walked down a hallway at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and saw him walking my way. Imagine my suprise as I nodded and said hello; I got an acknowledgement. I almost stopped, but then I heard from behind me a gentleman explain that his daughter would be headed out to sing the national anthem shortly. I was disappointed, but I did say "Hello" so that's a start...
We started off right at 5:30am. I was excited to be seeing Mom and Bruce in Oxford. The real issue? Breathing the air was liquid with humididty. It was around 7 miles that I saw a guy riding a mountain bike. I teased him that I did not envy him... and that they picked on me for my bike. Last night when I found out he was riding his deceased son's red/black mountain bike I thought I might die... Luckily I think he knew I was teasing.... I got lots of comments on Bethany's streamers. I was told that my bike made people happy and that I had the most intersting bike. My favorite comment of the day... as we discussed that my bike was a semi-recumbent, yes the seat is comfortable... you know what Kim... I think you always take the road less travelled. It made me smile. It was a mass of riders who were not really ready for the 91 degrees and humidity. I think that they setup additional medical tents at every water stop. I know that some people were transported for dehydration. The byways of greater MA were all filled with people cheering us on. Later in the day, people were on their lawns with hoses to cool us down. I teased bruce that they should aim center mass... not at our crotches. Ha, I think technically that was center mass... I know if i got it in the face, I wouldn't like it.
All day on Day 1 was spent discussing the bike... her streamers... my uniqueness etc etc etc. I felt like I was flying, setting a record Kim pace. Unfortunately the Garmin does not agree. Also while I was taking a break in the first waterstop... EVERYONE left. It was almost an apocalyptic zombie moment. I go into a portalet, lines, people blah blah blah... I come out, everyone was gone, tres disturbing.
Seeing Mom and Bruce at the next waterstop with a sign about cowbell and her ringing an acutal cowbell was a HOOT. Poor woman, little did she know that she needed gloves. The cowbell was sharp and cut into her knuckles.... Dang. At the end of day one I ended up swapping back and forth with a guy having leg cramps. We discussed that he HAD to go to medical to prepare himself for day2. This guy was the same man I finished with on day2 ;-0.
At the end of Day1, I had a quick bite off campus with Mom, Bruce and Danielle. MMMM lobsta.... headed back to get a massage. Before the massage, more food, burger... couple of sips of wine. Pieces of cheese. You'll be shocked to discover all we could talk about was the heat/humidity. We talked recovery and how to survive Day2. On the ship, my favorite quotes:
This cracked me up: 'Shit everones asleep? I don't even have my stuff setup.' I learned this last time I was shipboard. Get yourself set up when you go to shower so that you aren't waking people up when you set up your stuff. It was like all of 8:15pm as I listened to them banging around. I smiled that I'd been so smart.
'I don't understand how people don't wear underwear.' Teammate replies, 'Wait u wear underwear how?Why?' Short confab. 2 seams, rubbing, wait, you wear a thong isn't that worse.... blah blah Commando chick seeks reinforcement from another teammate. Turns out this one wears skivvies too. They were distraught that they didn't know this about each other. Too danged funny.
I woke up at 10pm after passing out for about 1 hour. Shit what a long night. I've now unzipped the sleeping bag and am wondering (in earnest) how I'll get more sleep, and who'll ride with me ;). I'm pooped, but it is no where near cold enough to stay crashed out. Arghhh Ok 10-15 of goofing, then serious sleep try again. Serious sleep mostly succussful. I was a able to block light little more yet leave berth mostly open. While the ship has ac. It is stuggling. I remember 'freezing' last time. This time? Could a hot steamy sister buy 75? On a brighter note, I awoke at 230. Meaning I got like 4 hours of sleep. W00T. 5 if you count my previous hour. Gonna need to watch it today, I'm feeling crunchy.
I could not seem to stop projecting heat. Sunday morning, I grabbed some chocolate milks, an egg/cheese a'muffin sandwich and was ready to go. Unfortunately, someone was yelling at us not to leave. It's not safe, don't go. Or go at your own risk. It seems that they block a lane on the Bourne Bridge for us. Unfortunately we were told the Army Corps of Engineers was late in doing so. Finally at like 5:30 or so, we were released. I headed off feeling pretty good. Day 2 down on the cape was so different from my previous day2. While I was temporarily alone for a few moments here and there... there was a constant turn over of riders. Also, seeing Bruce and Mom at every stop was interesting. I laugh cause they were asleep at the switch at the first stop.... they were all chatty chatty with each other. I biked right up on them ;-). Too funny. After that water stop, the sky opened to relieve itself of it's humidity. None of us were ready for how soaked we became. I found the most amazing use for boobs... to keep the mud off your face. I loved it... ;-). The line of black road goo at my bra line.... priceless.
I cannot convey how much the cheering meant to us. People were everywhere, almost every intersection.... Cheering, screaming, banging pots banging drums, playing bagpipes. The police who stopped traffic for us... ladies saying they were survivors because of us. Mom standing there with a sign at the last water stop saying "You Can Ride On!!" A rider asked her how she knew and did the sign apply to her. Mom told her that of course she could, she had no doubts that the woman would finish. She also said she was a survivor because of us. The lady stood up straighter and sought mom out at the end to thank her. On day 2, I rode off/on with Kenneth a first year rider. He described how cathartic the ride is. How nice to be with people who get it. Who want to beat cancer. We do and we DO. I may never cure the disease, but I will keep riding... I will keep thanking those who support us in this endeavor.... We are closer by the mile!!! This my 5th year, I've ridden a little over 4,000 miles total... We can do it!!!

Some pics...


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Aug. 11th, 2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
You did it!
Congratulations on a difficult but interesting and charitable ride Kim! Glad Bruce and your Mom were there to cheer you on. You did it!! Love you , Angie
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