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Best laid plans

I think i should ride and train daily. Have I? No. Here it is Thursday and I just hit the bike for the first time. A paltry 5 miles (hill repeats) around Chez Hebert. Ah well, now to shower and head in.

It's been an exciting week. Signed up for classes at the community college.

It's now Sunday and I'm just back from 48.4 miles. I did everything wrong before this ride: hung out with friends too long, drank too much, hydrated too little, ate nothing with redeeming qualities (didn't carb load;), and slept way too little. All of that said, I did it. Might have been a buddy's inspirational workout gear (hope she ran today), or texts from her and Bruce, regardless, I did it. 70 miles and a bake sale baking next weekend, then (trumpets and fanfare please) the PMC. We're close, I'm trying to use Bruce's reference of its all downhill from here...at this point I am 'Closer By The Mile'

It's the first year I'll be going into the PMC without raising the required funds. Guess I have to refine how to ask for donations after the event. Sigh, oh well what a year. I have not been 'up' to this. I'd envisioned telling Kara about these rides. I'd hoped it'd cheer her. Now she sees all the whiny git'dness in me while I'm out there. I feel lost and am floundering. Luckily the ride is almost here and it's so uplifting, this crud will be worth it. I also remember that milestones abound this year: moms's fifth year cancer free, she was released from onco care, my fifth year and my longest, all truly truly awesome. I need dinner I think...

Enjoy the countdown, I'm going to seriously try to workout every day. I'm going to post here to keep me honest ;). Beware it's coming. !!!