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Sleep sure would be swell

I'm exhausted. Work's been a bear, but that may calm down for a few. Don't know if I mean days weeks or months there, but oh well. Ive been awake for like an hour now. I keep thinking I should retrain my body clock, but riding early and pmc hours make me wonder.

Once I'm not awake at four or five am is when I'll need to be. I am just going to ride it out I suppose. I forget if I've caught u up on training. Ehhh, probably cause I haven't been doing it enough. I think I'm 'ready'. For starters I know I can beat my body into submission: Don't you dare get off this bike, don't do it, I don't care how slow u're going, quit giving up u big baby. I hope this weekend's memory ride turns out to be enlightening. With even a small herd riding, maybe I'll be motivated to a better pace and the self flagellation will stop. From here on out (and I mean in life too) I really need to give myself a bit of a break.

Moms on her way the Thurs before. I hope, and look forward to PMC thru new eyes. Sigh.