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Time to get moving

It was a supremely nice weekend... I got to visit my mom, aunts and Grandma out Kansas way.  How cool.  

Bike to work week is here (eep) and that's what i'm planning on doing tomorrow and Friday.  For anyone counting I have a century (100 miler) creeping up on June 10th.  June 9th Kevin and the 4 kids will arrive for PMC @Fenway game (gotta buy those tix in 3.5 hours).  I ordered and got my jersey with Kara's picture on the rear.   It looks lovely... This year was gonna be for me...to prove I could.  Now?  It's really for Kara's family and her spirit.  I wonder if they'll want jerseys with mom's pic after they see it.  I wonder if anyone else'll want one.  Hmmm

Movin on... movin on... lots to do, lots to train.  I also modified my PMC site... I added the paceline option.  I don't know that anyone will want to ride behind me and fundraise for me, but some may.  We'll see.