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Heavy Hitter

Who wants to be a heavy hitter. They're the people who commit to raising 6400 bux! Holy cow. I'm flipping out about how to raise my amount, not lose my shirt(aka be required to donate it cause I didn't raise enough) AND lastly I may want to do this again and don't want to burn out my donors :-). I'd love to be a Heavy Hitter, but I suppose I'm happy enough raising what I can and following up with the undoable for me... Ok not undoable but certainly huge goal of 153 miles.
Had dinner tonight with a friend. It occurred to me that I haven't to much talked about my why I am doing this. Some say I'm off my rocker. Ahhh let em talk. I'm doing this to help stop cancer, but you know what else? I'm here to try to get the diagnosis or care for everyone that they deserve. Lofty I know, but when I watched a Vh1 special about warren zevon (werewolves of London) I got angry. My perception in watching it was that symptoms to diagnosis of his cancer was about a day. Yea you heard me 24 hours. Now that may not be the case but it pissed me off. Just cause he can afford it, why could he get that? Oh yea, asked/answered "cause he could afford it". What a crock of crap. Really. I've had my share of diagnostics, like the next lady has ;-) and you ALWAYS wait. I don't recall for anyone else I know of, but the wait is sometimes most of it. If you watched this weeks Breaking Bad youll certainly know what I mean. Then I found a 3 month cancer free LivingProof PMCer that said when they got the scan at DFCI that it was read right there and they met with the dr. They also said this is the norm! Halelulyah! That's a place I can get behind.

Ok. I'm getting tired and preachy. In good news I rode 6.33 @ 11.1 before more girls night and my backup cardio of GH. Should see when to connect with Joisey on that front. Need some sleepy time. I plan on some good ridin and being home this weekend. Yay!

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