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Baking, Day1 & 2012 training plan

Uhm i'm not batting a thousand. I've called today quits because in order to be saleable, the Viennese crescents must now be called walnut butter crisps. An unfortunate side effect of leaving out half the flour. Uhm oops. At least walnut brownies, Oreo brownies and Chinese noodle candies are completed. Tomorrow: oatmeal raisin cookies, granola bars, and chocolate white chocolate chip cookies. Ta-da.

Starting mid May my required weekend training mileages are (each comma represents a weekendand a / represents a the Saturday followed by Sunday mileage.
30 miles, 40 miles, 50 miles, 60 miles, an organized century, 70 miles/80 miles, 50 miles, 60 miles, 90 miles/60 miles(plan to ride to Bruce's mom's in VT july 4th week),
80 miles, 50 miles, 70 miles

and then the first weekend in august THE PMC!!! WoW, the PMC is upon me.