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Using my words

There have been negative comments about my emails and posts. I assumed we were 'in it together' and everyone was in the 'know' about my wicked shorthand when I assume that's the case. Soooo, I was wrong; okay. Moving on.

In our prep for the ACS walk in St Louis, Bruce and I walked for 30 minutes tonight. Starting formal training. I'm also trying to break in my new Merrell Pace Glove shoes. I wanted to try the whole barefoot thing. First Five Finger shoes got tried on; NO dice. My baby toe wants to nest with it's neighbor. Unfortunately, try as I might I couldn't pry it out to slide it into it's lone toe holder. Shoe jam, baby toe 2 holes over.. Repeat...same Then I try to
Push/hold my baby toe apart, and finally got the shoe on. The good news, it almost felt great... but the seam on my baby toe as it tried to snuggle up, total FAIL. So I fell back to these, they are technically trail running shoes. I'm happy and hoping they work out. The training is for walking and for 'Barefooting'. (merrell has a whole write-up).

So on the getting ready and prepping to walk with the family, we are pushing thru to at least start some training.