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It's not a tuuuumor!

Ok, that sounded funny when said in my best Aaaarnold voice ;). Anyway, yesterday was a rollercoaster. Mom first went to see her primary. He commented to her that the surgeon she was about to see was his 'family's surgeon'... She was relieved by that. He followed with his belief that the mass should be removed. Uh what??!! she may have taken that in stride, but I'd been thinking fluid filled cyst so I was floored. Cyst to me does NOT equal mass. And aspiating a cyst to do a fluid biopsy is certainly NOT surgical mass removal. We tap danced around a cancer finding meaning mastectomy, because the skin can't tolerate radiation a second time. We did not even touch on chemotherapy ;). We spoke in terms of doing what had to be done; you know if it was c.....

So shifting gears, ok a real surgery. Mass removal... Whatever. Off she goes to confab with the surgeon, and set up an appt. Guess what he said it wasn't a tuuuumor. Ok he didn't really. What he said was that she's had this a long time. Always in the lumpectomy site. Always shinking. Never exceeding the boundary of the site, nor changing shape in odd ways. I don't know why the radiologist said she needed a biopsy, but.. 3 surgeons and a diff radiologist all agree my mom is still healing and she shouldn't get the mass removed; irradiated tissue won't heal right leaving her right where she is. In april they'll mammo again and discuss the need dfor a biopsy, until then yay!!! Can ya feel the happy?

So whew, I hope.