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Deed is done

Woweee. Well I am pleased to say that the ride was a success. I'll regale you with the tale, but keep in mind, I'm not whining (unless woe is me opens new pocket books to donations ;) that's pmc.org/kh0153 folks ;). C'mom I hafta try. I'm cheating, much of this is from an email to a friend, but I'm very tired.

It was a tough day; it rained half and poured the other half ;). (downpour was more accurate, you know the kinda rain that flows over not into a storm drain?) Waterproof gave up, but i seem to be saddle sore free.


That pic of them holding hands kinda sums it; I especially love how the helmet has slipped somewhat. The cliffs notes: I met Sherm, got lost & had hubby save us (6 of us; but that's another tale), soaked white bike shorts and flowery granny panties make me smile, and I learned 'i'm special and creative' (that dude had a low bar). We fought hard today, won, and will fight again next year.