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Biked to work!

Well,  I made it in averaging 13mph... which is officially my best ride to work.  YAY.  I am thinking I was not meant to bike this morning.  Awoke at 3am and could not get back to sleep for a while... then the 5am alarm went off and I thought... uhm yea i'm NOT riding in.  Woke up again at 530am and hit the road, I mean really I sorta just had to get on the bike, so at 556am... off I set.  At mile 9 while taking a drink from my water bottle, it cracked hosing me down with gatorade... good morning.     At mile 19, I got stung once or twice by a wasp...  And well I guess there is no and then.... and then I was here and was happy that I made it so speedily.  I'm really hoping that I feel more into this ride by Sunday.  Right now I seem to have an allergy or cold thing working... Hard to motivate with fever, chills, or general malaise...  OK, time to focus.