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Still baking

I'm not sure if the oven is giving me the finger or what, but I shoulda wrapped about thirty ago. Pheh what a night. Talked to one of my bakers and she understands. At least the kitchen looks almost human and not so much like tornado alley anymore. Cmon cookies or timer. This could be a whole lottanothing for potentially inedible sugar cookies. Inedible you ask? Well they have been baking for an hour and I was heavy handed with the vanilla. Oh well as long as people enjoy. Heard today that the day before vaca Hanscom AFB is having a charity day. Guess who's starting vaca a day early and setting up a table. Wahooo!!!

Ok let me go stare at these things, I needs some rest. Oh yea and u know I won't be making the beignets I thought of frying. Jeez silly me! Sleep tight.