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Henry January

Sigh, a gentleman I ride for passed away this week. He's been a family friend for years. I wish I actually had sent him the letter I'd been thinking of. Unfortunately I did not make it beyond the thinking stage before his passing. He was taken by bone cancer. I envisioned a robust version of my ride summation. He would have smiled as Mom read it to him. Henry, I rode with you on my side. You did not know of my struggles during the ride, or how thoughts of my honorees kept me moving. If you were living with cancer or others had fought thru cancer, what was this mental/physical trial I was putting myself through? I assert it laid me low, and though it did, I perservered. I will do the unthinkable and do this again. I pray my fights thru the gauntlet of mileage continues to raise funds and awareness for DFCI. We love you and will miss you Henry; we will keep you in our hearts.