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Bake Sale day 1

It was a good day. Turnout seemed low, hopefully tomorrow will be good. I rode a little tonight. Hope to ride the same again tomorrow and then rest until Saturday morning. I'll likely go incommunicado around 3pm on Friday until we checkin @ the hotel. Big plan: PMC checkin, drop off Betsey, order from the 99 (like an Applebee's) for curbside pickup, head to hotel, eat and watch opening ceremonies, the next morning I'll bus to the start. Bruce'll head to the lunch location, and on I'll ride. Whew, I'm tired just thinking it.

In the midst of everything, a family friend was just diagnosed with bone cancer. He's had prostate cancer, I don't know what options will be pursued. I hear hospice is likely. I'll hold everyone in my heart while I ride.