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Still at it.

For those I did not hassle with the tales of the 27 miler today, i'll do that later, but for now, back to baking. So far: chinese noodle candy, rocky road bars, 2 cream cheese brownies (part over baked yet fudgy... leave oven door closed!!!), one batch blueberry muffins... and soon out of the oven: snickers bar cake.. I think that's enough for tonight. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT.. the cake is spilling outta the pan, see what happens when you try to sheet cake a homemade recipe vice putting it in the 2 rounds you know work??? Hopefully the rest bakes out salvageable. Maybe I can use the drippings from the catch pan and make a "trifle".... hmmmm frosting and cake bits... what can go wrong. Hopefully tomorrow goes better.