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I've made amazing progress on my fundraising.  I also picked up a new corporate sponsor... Bath Transfer Systems.  I forgot a friend made this product!  I had eyeballed tubs that could be opened in the past, but this could be a quicker, easier method.  Hmmm..  I am so happy that company's are supporting me.  It's a benefit to both of us, and the Jimmy Fund....  got to keep my eyes on the true goal!  This support has giving me excitement and a bit of a push to update the blog.  Hang in there, I'll try to keep you appraised.

I still need to get yet more corporate sponsors working.  I would love to have achieved the PMC requirements before I really fire the training gun.  I also need to decipher what my training schedule needs to be.  I have not yet given this much thought.   Eep, I suppose it's good that fund-raising has been proceeding so well.   It seems nice outside, maybe I'll see if a local cycle shop can re-attach my spd clips.