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Are YOU kidding me!?

I'm tired, exhausted beyond compare…    I did not finish my tale of Mom's mammograms… let me wrap that and jump to the latest trauma!

So Mom went for her follow-up and the radiologist said her tumor bed looked like a tumor… we should ultrasound right now.  She was thrilled, this was the radiologist that found the original cancer.  So he ultra-sounded her breast, when he read it, he told her that it looked like the tumor bed was collapsing in on itself.  Not a tumor… but that she'd have to continue with bi-annual mammograms until things stabilized.  The joy and elation we felt was toasted on Mom's 59th birthday (Sunday).  She called from a restaurant and we toasted her health with margaritas!  Go Mom…..

TRAINING this past weekend???  Should have been "easy" it was in the 50's and I had ridden 2 hours indoors last weekend and taken little jaunts on Bruce's mountain bike.  GRRRRRR I did not succeed very well.  I left on a 25 mile very hilly ride… made it 12 and hyperventilated beyond belief doing so.  I also switched back to clipless... We'll keep a running bruise tally from my falls... though none to report, yet.  Rode again on Sunday for 8 miles… Where's the motivation?  Maybe once I get my legs/lungs back it'll reappear!  Fundraising and training seem like such a leap this year.  Maybe it's just that the hits (hospital stays) just keep coming.

Now for what I didn't know this weekend.  What I didn't know is that our niece Kara, brain tumor survivor, had a grand mal seizure Saturday (her 30th birthday no less…) and was hospitalized.  She has lost use of essentially one side of her body and her speech.  A scan revealed that her tumor bed had filled with fluid.  Yesterday afternoon they drained it and they are monitoring her.  Her children are terrified, and the family is treading water… all of us bouncing ideas off of each other regarding what we can do to help.  Some of it depends on what help is necessary after  release from the hospital.    i wish we lived closer so I could give her a hug… Tell her to be strong… and let her know we are here.    We'll head up to VT and the hospital this weekend.  I will keep Kara and her strength in my mind to get me moving again... GO KARA!

Keep Kara in your thoughts!