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First ride of the year?

I'm not sure this counts.... I was a "cheapskate" today.  Bruce and I were out goofing off and had to get some stuff at the pet store.  As he made the turn, I said hey stay straight.  I recalled that a bike shop was just up the way about a mile.  I was debating about contacting Dave at Basically Bikes and having him ship the new 26x1 tires and tubes to me. My concern?  Sight unseen, I felt unsure.  I thought maybe if I went here and saw some, then I'd know for sure.  Sigh, in we walked and started staring at the tire selection.  We saw mountain bike looking tires that were 26x1.25 at 100 PSI. I thought that was not enough of a size decrease, nor increase of PSI.  So we asked, explained my bike etc.  He went walking in the back and came back with one 26x1 Primo Racer.  Get this it's a well hmmm, beige wall tire?  AHAHAHH, and of course when I look around I see wheelchair tires by the same name ahahha.  Uhm, the other tires/tubes were gonna set me back a piece. Anyway as he set it down, proud as a peacock with his backroom find.... Bruce and I ask, got another?  He says he doubts it and heads on back.  About 2-3 minutes later he returns with a match.  And we see an old stapled price tag.  He says that this tire is likely not in inventory and we are getting a bargain.  Let's just say the whole schebang cost us what one tire alone would have ;-).  We had to do it.  Bruce was snickering the entire time wishing the sidewalls were pink.  With the admonishment to not pinch the tube ringing in my ears, off we headed to do our final shopping.  We came home and I set about putting the tires on.  Mind you it is about 30 outside....

A few hours later, I have Bets all situated and I'm bundled in about 20-30 layers ;-).  I only rode 3 miles.  But get this, my average speed was 11.3.  I'll take it.  I mean for the "first ride", no prior training to get me in shape, cold as it is (my throat feels like I slurped acid), and considering my tush muscle is screaming.  I hit a hill and my butt laughed at me by way of a CRAMP!!! so I  turned on around.  I guess I need to get in gear.  Oh yea another concern, when I turned her up to do the tires, water came pouring out.  Hmmm, I need to look into that.  I think I should still buy those other tires off of Dave... but now I can wait a little. ;-)

Wahooo.... so I think I can.  I guess now it's time to start fundraising.  I think this year I'll try to give people a repieve and see how much I can raise thru back-sales and other methods.  Ok, i need to figger out some dinner.... take care!