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PMC is here...

Ok, so the new year is upon us, as is PMC sign up. I've been fighting everything. Life, sickness, stress, loss, and some happiness. Tomorrow I start not fighting and just going with the flow. It is the time of year for sign up. I'm going to sign up for the 120 single day ride from Sturbridge to Bourne. I already have our hotel reservations in Bourne. Bruce is going to front me the hotel stay in Auburn, MA off of Marriott points.

I came at the end of last year thinking that I needed a spiffier, fast bike, but was certain it had to be a RANS. That said I started investigating the Rans Zenetik Road and Zenetik Pro. Eeep the prices were daunting. Then the ultimate insult, I had tried this frame geometry when I tried the RANS for the first time. I tried it in a mountain bike... my complaint? My feet were in the tires at the slightest turn. So, that said, I began a "new" attempt. I'm going to 1) train exclusively with my clipless pedals and 2) based on the advice of my bike guy at Basically Bikes..."I might have a Zenetik in the spring, You could also buy a set of stelvio 26.x 1.0 tires and achieve a similar benefit." So I'd be able to increase my pressure from 90 on my old tires to 110 up to 120 on these new babies.  Less rubber in contact with road and increased pressure decreasing my rolling resistance... guess we'll see.

Keep good thoughts for my friend (her cousin is expected to pass away: a massive stroke), my friend (missing her kittie), my friend (recently lost her dear dog Jazzer's to cancer),  my mother-in-law (hopefully she'll be  scheduled to have her gall-bladder out ASAP), my Mom (the business roof is mid replacement and can't be done until some solid non-freezing weather, gahh when'll that be), my Dad (cataract surgery thru the VA, sometime), and well, Bruce and I maintaining our sanity thru all of the above.  Ok, well mostly to Bruce for putting up with me as I kick off another season.

It's time to RIDE!