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What the heck!!

Since the Dad thing, I've been really towed under. I don't know why I haven't posted. Likely because anyone reading this thing hasn't gotten a thank you note (yet)! Sigh, I am such a slacker. I had told myself that I'd mail them before fundraising closed (Oct 1)... then I told myself that I'd do it before I got my heavy hitter jacket. I don't have it yet so I guess I"ll beat that one (if I finish them today ;-).

Now for a sideline. Bruce's bday was a week ago. I was told that if I didn't post... it didn't exist ;-0 So here are the pics.

It worked so well.. We headed up to his Mom's house to enjoy a welcome to the family party for Colt Aja (our cousin's child). So along went the birthday hat. If you don't know the birthday hat saga.... it's simple Bruce bought it for a friend for her 40th birthday. Since that point, it has rotated amongst the friends who were there for the birthday. Bruce has dodged that bullet and this is the first time he's had to wear it. We went to brunch at a hotel in Montpelier, VT. Bruce was wondering why everywhere we've been with people in the birthday hat.. you always get a hey Happy Birthday or is it your birthday from virtually everyone! In Vermont, uhm no... the staff said those things, but people just stare. Not one stranger said a thing even when we were in line to get eats. Tooo funny, and it wasn't all oldsters either. Weird. I think the next recipient of the hat will be mandated to fly in the hat (it's a day after his birthday, but does it matter.. NAHHHH)

Headed to StLouis on Turkey day. Should be there soon. Yay! Hmmm, and now remind me again why I'm trying to cut down on portion sizes and eat right again? Hmmm, we'll blame it on fat gained after no working out! I need to get moving again. I think I'll throw the bike training tire on (I melted one and it has a hole in it so no street riding for that tire), and get some seat time. Snicker, yea right. It's a good thought. I am planning on riding next year. I am planning on the ride from Sturbridge to Bourne. It will be my longest single day ever. I think it will work out! (Just reserved our room at the Wicketts.... Whahoo... It's coming again! Yay!