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Well, Al is past today's surgery that left him with a colostomy.  Poor guy, but at least they did what they could for him.  Also, my Dad has his cath. scheduled for Thursday.   Well in bright news.  If he gets xferred to a civilian hospital I should have time to get to Biloxi, so I guess that's good.  Sigh, too many balls in the air.  No more thank you's sent.... maybe sometime.  Let me take a peek at a few other blogs...

Ahh bless this guy, he must have known I needed a lift:

Regaining confidence is where our personal fight begins. It’s rare to find a person—able-bodied or disabled, healthy or sick—who has not been knocked down by life at one time or another. Regaining confidence is particularly difficult when we face a debilitating physical challenge, but we need to transcend our human propensity for self-pity if we want to feel fully alive and live up to our potential.


I’ve always found that my confidence is boosted when I push my body to the limit—skiing, riding my bike, swimming long distances—and deal with the physical pain. Win one victory; go on to the next battle; and win that too. Pretty soon, these little victories start to add up to confidence. At that point, self-pity becomes but a distant memory.


This is the ultimate goal I wish for everyone faced with a disability, a personal crisis, or any life challenge. Fight back. Find a way to win even with something small. Find a small victory and build on it. Build and build to the point where you have found a place to excel beyond those who are not disabled. Suddenly you are there—back on a level playing field. Strong and happy.

I wish that for everyone who is struggling right now, Uncle Al,  the friend who is moving, the friend training for her 3 day, my father as he undergoes cardiac procedures, my brother, mom, grandma, aunts, anyone who is fighting, even if it's just survival of your life.