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In other cancer news

Sigh. Let's start with the good. I've written like 2 thank you cards and fundraising for the pmc is around 23 million. I wonder if we'll really hit 30. I sure do hope so, fundraising closes oct 1 if you still want in on that action. Now for the bad.

Our uncle al has colorectal cancer. He's survived a while cancer free past his tumor removal and chemotherapy, unfortunately the tumor or a tumor has returned. Monday he'll be admitted to the hospital again, and Tuesday will be surgery. I don't think for tumor removal. If the family grapevine is working, this is because the tumor has spread. I don't know if they are exploring, colostomy'ing or what. I tried to call al today. I hope I get to talk to him before surgery to let him know I'm sending him vibes like he supported me on my ride. Sigh, why did I watch Marley and Me tonight? Between my mom and Brad putting their "shop kitty" miss kitty to sleep last week due to a large tumor on her heart, watching the Kennedy funeral coverage most all morning, talking to my mother in law about al, to that movie pheh mood is low, pretty much bottom of the barrel. Ok Marley didn't die of cancer, but that's the common thread elsewhere. We'll be headed up to Vt next weekend and we'll see Al then. Send him your good vibes please. With luck my Dad's cath to look at his heart blockage will happen or at least get scheduled too. I should be happy I think he'll be going to a civilian hospital off of Keesler for surgery, should he need it. Whew when laying it out like that, how're we still standing. :-)

Ehh, it's just life I guess. Hang in there and thanks for you support.