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The end of Day 2

What I failed to realize was what was yet to come.  As I left the waterstop, we had only gone about a mile or 2 when the road was closed for an accident.  Unfortunately it was a biker down.  I had seen another accident on Saturday where the guy was sporting facial road rash.  He was at the side of the road being attended by a fire-truck and the rest of his team.  This was beyond worse.  It involved a rumored young rider who pulled the wheel hard to correct something.  Unfortunately, he caught an edge and hit another rider, sending her into the oncoming traffic lane.  We heard she wasn't hit and I don't know what happened to the other guy.  You have never seen so many bikers stand so quietly. We all had the fear of mortality in our mind.  We were hoping they were ok, wishing that they would get up.   With the sounds of ambulances, they let us thru while they tried to calm the woman and keep her on the ground.  It's scary to say how bloody her head was.  Luckily when I contacted the PMC about my "incident" I was told that all participants who were transported were released.    We were all very somber and conscientious after we rode on. 

As I pulled on thru the end on familiar ground again, I relished seeing Bruce, Amy, Kim and Danielle at the finish.  I was so happy to have someone meet me.  It was a way to assure myself that I'd done it.  And do it I had.  I have to say that I cannot fathom working thru some of the injuries and setbacks I saw that weekend.  To be fair though, I REALLY cannot comprehend riding after cancer treatments (Living Proof).  Yet that is what they do.  It is what we do.  We ride.  I ride on the wings of those I ride for.  This simple act of pedaling, putting one foot in front of the other, over and over, time after time, I pray it motivates all my honorees, and causes the spirit of my in memoriams to spring forth and bolster anyone who needs it.   I cannot accurately convey why this event moves me.  I will continue to ride the PMC, maybe not every year, but likely fairly frequently.    Right now, I do plan on riding 111 miles in one day next year.  I plan to ride from Sturbridge to Bourne, the historical day1.  Maybe one year I'll ride the 199 miler... As has been my norm... I'll build slowly.

Now you'll want to know why.  Why again, why beg for more support?  I find that a few days past my Mom's 2 year cancer-free anniversary... I'm irrationally mad.  I am mad that there is a neighbor dealing with pancreatic cancer (pancreatic cancer is a personal fear, not that I'll get it, but I remember my grandfather looking jaundiced when we visitted him in Fitzsimmons Army medical center.. and around that time I learned what a whipple procedure is..)... mad that many of my pets and others have had cancer/died of it... and lastly mad that my Mom has lymphedema.  Now essentially that is nothing more than her lymph system showing the effects of radiation and not processing waste product correctly... totally manageable.   However let's talk shall we?  Would I even know what the hell lymphedema was if it weren't for cancer... NO!!!  Would I know what leukeran was if it weren't for my cat's cancer?  NO!!!!  Would I know that shots "can" give our cats vaccine associated sarcoma... NO!!!!   Would our neice be a brain tumor survior?  Would I continually send my love and supportive thoughts to my in honor of crew?  Likely not.  Hang in there!!! Know that every PMC rider is there for you.  One day we will be closer by the mile.... and know that for all of that.... I ride!  For all that I ask you to support me.  Hang in there!  We make an amazing difference.