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Day 1 conclusion...

So onward I trucked, tears in my eyes and just starting to crumble...  I think it was an emotional toll trying so hard to keep going in the sea of humanity.  It was also getting hotter, I had been hosed down by some cheerers (note: if you are gonna spray riders, mist them, do not BLAST them please.  As a rider you aren't prepared for the gut shot), dunked my head under a faucet at one stop, but the heat was kind of settling into my bones.   Rea was a trooper and let me pull ahead for a bit and set the pace. 

In Onset (i think it was onset anyway)... there was some sort of festival going on downtown... and of course we had to pass thru that way.  What a mess, all those people/tourists and us on our bikes.  The park/fest was to our left on town common, but the road was only 2 lanes with 2 lanes of parking.  Pheh, in order to get anywhere we had to slip between the parked cars and traffic on the right.  That's tricky and dangerous anytime.  We were lucky and made it out unscathed.  Finally I located WICKETS INN and here Rea and I parted ways. She mentioned she saw an accident not long thereafter, I can attest that being tired will do that for you. I beat Bruce from the last waterstop to here by 20 minutes, at least.  Once he found parking, I had beverages for both of us and some spinach/artichoke dip.  It was only 3pm and we'd set an amazing pace.  It was also indescribable to see bikers tooling by and hearing people cheer them on.   Once I had sat for a bit, done lots of updates, and had a bottle of gatorade, I set off in search of the MMA.  Unfortunately since I had waited so long, I had to go standby for a massage, but I had 2.5 hours to kill before then.  

My accomodations were on the large ship to the right, off to find my stuff on the ship (they deliver to your room), and take a well earned shower.  I had reapplied sunscreen thru the day, but with that much salt on your skin, it burns like a son of a gun.   Time to get clean!!! I was relieved to climb aboard and get situated in my bed (kinda like this, but not quite... what can't you buy on ebay).  Well I should have taken more time, but I really did want to enjoy some sunshine. I left out my sleeping bag, didn't make the bed, and I didn't leave anything outside of the locker (oops, as you've read I regretted that a little later).    To get a scale on the berths, they were stacked 3 high, where you see little lockers there were small curtains.  If you lay on your back in the berth, and bend your knee while bringing your foot closer to your tush, your knee will tap the bunk above you.  Luckily for me, I was able to pull the curtain, turn on the light and read a little. 
I will say that the campus provided me the opportunity to walk around and keep my legs limber.  I had to truck back to the bike storage to grab water from my bike after my massage.  Oddly enough the food tent had essentially pulled up stakes (well rolled up its carpet for the night).  So I ran to grab the full water bottle i'd left on Bets.  As I strolled that way, I saw others coming back with cold plastic bottles... AH-HA I was on to something.  So right at the entrance... I found what I sought... 3 pallets of cold water.  Called Mom and Brad and then Bruce to get my pep talks...

(then there was my 1am wake-up...)

on to day 2.