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An email from Billy Starr (the founder)... it's how they suckered me in :-):
I want to share this comment from a first year rider. Those of us who are long term PMCers sometimes forget the power of the PMC as it hits a first time rider full force. I think this rider's statement captures the full impact of the experience. What we do together is simply amazing. Thank you.

"Aside from the privilege of being there to hold my mother's hand as she passed away from cancer, the Pan Mass Challenge was the second most profound experience in my life and I wanted to thank you all personally for it.
I have done several fundraising rides for other causes over the years, but never have I felt part of something so critically important - something that truly makes a difference in the lives of others
This weekend I learned it's not about the personal achievement - it's about what we, who are strong and able, can give to others- life and hope.  Thank you for all that you do to make that possible."