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194K 0:59
“Ahhh, I had a few people meet me at the finish line, Bruce was there, Amy was there, Danielle, Kim. It was good, it was nice to them. They had signs and were cheering for me. Getting to the finish was a little trying. There was a biker accident where someone was hurt in front of me, not with me, but in front of me and that took some time because they had to bring in a firetruck, ambulance and closed the road for a while. So I really don't have any updates on the rider, hopefully she came out of it ok. She was pretty bad off though, hit her head pretty hard on the pavement. But other than that, I've finished...this is great news, I'm kind of well talked out, I'm gonna take a break and hopefully I'll be back to update this with actual ride details in case anyone cares to stop in and see them. talk to you guys later. Bye.”

Transcribed by: evybodylivinnow