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End of day 1

201K 1:02
“Hi, I think this is the last voice post of the night. I did get a massage... I was able to go standby and I got in, so I did get my 15 minute massage. You'd be amazed at exactly how good an idea that is. Downside is they have no water bottles left so I guess I have to go back to my bike and get my waterbottle 'cause I need something to drink. So, I'm gonna do that and maybe call Bruce and chat for a minute and then i'm gonna head on inside. It's been a pretty amazing day I'd have to say....Hooking up with this many riders, and for those who don't know it was 5204 riders in total, and it made it hard for Bruce to get to me when he needed to but it was pretty amazing... yea i'd say pretty amazing. I'll talk to you later, take care... bye”

Transcribed by: evybodylivinnow