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OK, last night went well.  I woke up at a little after 230am today, got outta bed, watched a while of Prince Caspian: the Chronicles of Narnia, read and so on.  It should all work out....we are here, i am packed and now just to survive the day.   Guess I didn't take Billy's last email to heart...

Last Pre-event E-mail: Safety & Etiquette
Thank you for taking part in the 30th year PMC. Everybody wins on this weekend based on the nature of the work and the cause. But in the heat of the moment, with 5,000 riders on the roads, the big picture can, sometimes, get lost. Please remember:

1.      ROADS ARE OPEN to vehicular traffic even though we enjoy comprehensive law enforcement support through the 46 towns we travel.
2.      MOVE OVER - that means single file or into the breakdown lane - for a passing car or a faster cyclist who, firmly but endearingly states "ON YOUR LEFT"
3.      NO LITTER anywhere: your cycling jersey has pockets. Use them.
5.      SUNDAY MORNING BEFORE 6AM - keep the conversation down. Remarkably, some people are still sleeping in the communities through which we travel.
6.      START HYDRATING NOW - cut down on alcohol. Stretch. Breathe.

Enjoy your PMC. You have earned it.

Now if only I could BREATHE!    Oh yes, for those who don't know and need info on #5.  Remarkably few homes in MA have AC... or just have window units.... That said, many of these communities have homes where the windows will be open even thought it's the heat of August.  GASP!!!!  So I suppose we're to keep our traps shut.  Doubt I'll be conscious then so it shouldn't matter to much ;-)