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are we there yet?

As of right now, I am at $5,499.81. You wouldn't believe it.  I'm so excited.  I have a  few more checks to send in, people to entice....One of my honorees offered up a post ride massage.  I think I'm going to pass.  She's a friend who works at the vet clinic we go to, pet sits in our absences, and has been riding short 16 mile rides with me off/on throughout my training (last year's too).  I think we agreed it would make our friendship too weird.  Things you don't want to tell a friend, "I really need you to move the drape a little and dig into that glute for me ;-)."  So we decided we were better off leaving that unexplored in our friendship.

Someone asked why I don't post my tally here more.  I could have had a feed directly from the website, but it just shows the last donors and their amounts.  I am a person who believes how much you give to a charity is personal, so I didn't want to do that.  Now the PMC overhauled the site to be more viral and has given people the chance to "make the donation publicly viewable". I like the option, but still prefer the old way.  Also, I didn't want people reading here to feel pressured.  A friend once commented that she felt stress for me when I talked of my fundraising trials/tribulations.   I told her not to feel stress, it's just as much a part of this 153 miles as anything else.  It's good to see that number.  It is one thousand dollars more than what would have been required to ride the 199 miler.... so from a fundraising perspective that ride is attainable... now to see if it is ever physically possible.

Please stay tuned here this weekend.  I will try to voice post when I can (since text posting from my Verizon phone doesn't work; I don't know whether to be mad at livejournal or verizon.).  I'll drop back in later and post the tentative schedule of events for those who need a timeline.