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Last night has left me feeling battered, my knees, back and hamstrings are telling a tale of woe...The concert was cool.  The seats were so bad that I couldn't really see the performers and spent the time watching the jumbotrons.... but... all in all it was a great show.

In brighter news... I am going for heavy hitter. My sugar daddy Bruce has said he'd back me on the shortfall. So, I guess we'll see how it goes. Bruce sent me this link earlier today, quite a read....PMC founder

I'm almost over my panic.  It's too close to panic.  Heck I've even started planning next year.  It doesn't involve the PMC, I think i'm taking a year off.  I am debating about a century to see if the longest PMC 199 miles across the whole state, is doable the following year.  Or there is the chance that I'll "just" ride the 47 miler next year to stay involved... who knows. Not sure I want to do the Alzheimer's memory ride, they just harass too much... so maybe just a locally supported ride...who knows. 

More later tonight when I'm baking... A friend at work needs some moral support so some of us are dropping off a care package.  I know that these cookies have been a favorite in the past.  OK, have a good one!