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info o'd day...

This week promises to be intense. Today started off just spiffy. It appears the air handler replacement did not fix the AC problem at the office, so we are just waiting for another shutdown/repair window. I'm personally hoping it isn't this week cause, as Bruce put it, I don't need even a papercut this week. If I have to climb around and work in the racks, I am guaranteed more than a papercut that's for danged sure ;-).

Then there is what happened today... a friend offered Bruce and I tix to AC/DC tomorrow night. I guess we are going. I know that I decided that I was going to ride into the work tomorrow, but I figure that the concert should take care of what I need to do exercise wise.

I did get some good intel today; it seems that if I asked for the ship and wasn't told otherwise, I'm on the ship. I hope that works out like I want... but hey at least I "know" it's got AC. I'm only moderately freaking out at any given second. I am not sure how the week will pan out. Right now, I still need to finish packing, upgrade my touch to v3.0 so I can cut/paste, see if I can setup a texting alias so I can spatter updates, since I really don't want to Twitter or ask people to subscribe to me. I will keep plugging away, let's see how it all works out.