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Ayva's ride

Friday was a challenge  and a half.  I expected that I'd be taking half the day off.  NO need when you go in at 5am to do some power work in the lab while the AC handler gets replaced.  As I took off and headed to a sports massage, a friend (Le Dangre') called and wished me well on my ride.  I laughed and told him it was next weekend. He was the first friend to wish me well though; way to be ahead of the game ;-).
The masseuse, Margaret, was good.  I enjoyed it, but wow IT band is like piano string tight.  As is some group of muscles on my side.  She also did an ab massage, which was kind of new to me.  I might go back after my ride, but I also had a friend offer to massage me.  She has a table and whatnot.  I'm trying to weigh the merit of free vs friend...  Normally you don't let your friends rub you... Ohhh decisions decisions.  She seemed to genuinely mean it so who knows.  

This motorcycle event was larger and more intense than I'd expected. I had my morning planned. I was going to load the bike on the truck after waking up and head on over with vienese crescents, m&m bars (thanks amy), and some non alcoholic 2 oz jello cups. Ahhh the best laid plans of mice and men. It started to fall apart Friday night when I ran an errand to pick up jello. The truck's front left brake was smoking and reeking up the joint. Luckily the shop was open and I took it right over. I have to have the truck next weekend 'cause it has the bike rack. How to manage Saturday morning now?
I had received my streamers from barflies and needed to gussy up Betsey. So after I woke up, I started writing the names of my honorees and memorial people on the streamers(light pink for the ladies and baby blue for the gentlemen).

There was an instant of Kim'pidity, the paint pen wasn't writing so well, so I shook it. Brilliant, as long as you put the cap back on. The kitchen, the paper, and a few streamers and I got a healthy dose of paint spatter. I'll likely be finding those for years to come.

With all the falls, it seems I had cut my handlebar grips and left the tube open on one side, after cutting out the rubber on each side, Bruce was able to press the streamers into place.  I teased Betsey that she had a new hairdo.  Got into my ride gear and drove Niles on over to drop off all my food-stuffs.  It was tough there were a lot of bikers on the rode for the memory Ride for Alzheimers.  I rode 25 miles last year.  Also due to flooding/rain their route changed at the last minute to take them thru town.  When I arrived, the mattress topper box was mistaken for a raffle item. Ahh, I forgot about the raffle, oh well.  I saw Malisa, paid for lunch and got a tank.  I also noted that the VFW had a full bar that was kicking at 11 am ;-). 

I normally wouldn't ride with the streamers before the event, but in case Ayva and her family don't make it to the finish line next week, I thought Ayva/Malisa should see her name on Bets and know that Ayva was riding with me. I also needed to know if I could take the fluttering for 153 miles. The sound not so bad, the flicking my forearm slightly annoying ;-). Ahh well they are mounted now; so you are all going along with me ;-). On the ride, I noted that streamers either bring a smile to people's faces (ahh streamers) or a look of consternation (what is wrong with her, how old is she?). It was kinda cool to hear people commment on my bike and have a 2 or so year old beg to sit on her.  That was, until  all the bikers, and his dad with a chopper, returned (around 120 in total).   Aww shucks, until that moment, my bike was the coolest thing going on. (bad cellphone pic, but I think you get the gist.)
Until the bikers arrived, I kind of felt like a crasher at a family picnic.  After that, I found a coupla guys from NH who didn't know anyone.  I sat and chatted with them.  I saw some silly things, people sitting kids on the tank and riding in circles in thte packed parking lot, dodging people, kids and so on while not maintaining much of a grip on the bike, nor child.....  But you know, it was still cool.  The guys from NH had seen the PMC night at Fenway and congratulated me on my contribution.  They were shocked that last year the  PMC gave 35 million; I told them honestly, so was I.   The guy had lost his mom to pancreatic cancer, and dad to prostate cancer.  Well, I stuck around as long as I could.  Assured many parents that the jello shots had no booze...  and finally headed on back to the dealership to pick up the truck.  Yay the calipers were replaced and we are mobile again.  I rode 21.05 miles yesterday with an average of 13.5.  Not bad for half road ride and half bike path ;-).   

The big plan for today is to pack my stuff for the weekend, stay calm and well remember to breathe.  Someone last week said "you have quite a laundry list of people". I took some offense to that, 5 of my in memory of's are part of my family and eight of my honorees are family/friends. I guess you can say that they are why I am doing what I am.  I doubt I'd being doing this if not for Grandpa Bill/Mom.  Oh well I know why I'm riding.  

 Next weekend is almost here.  Gah, I really hope I end up on the ship, not in a tent.  Keep good thoughts for that and decent weather please! 


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Jul. 27th, 2009 01:37 am (UTC)
I LOVE the streamers and I am getting so excited for you!!
Jul. 27th, 2009 01:09 pm (UTC)
remember how
Remember how you got stressed the day of your wedding? I'm that way now a full 5 days out, i'll be a basket case in no time. Freaking out......
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