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and now the worry

In an effort to help Bruce get to water stops I plotted out where the ride would be.  This way he'd know where to avoid, and also where to be. It's still debateable who will arrive where, every stop, some stops, none except beginning and end, who really knows... but in the process of doing so, I realized PHEW this is a stinking long way ;-) and that it might be helpful for you all to know where I am. The ride starts out on Saturday morning at Wellesley College (A). The first water-stop is in Wrentham at (D), lunch at Dighton (F), next water stop at Lakeville (G), and the last waterstop fo the day at Wareham (K). The rest were intermediate points required to make google maps plot on the exact back roads I needed.  I am liking google maps walking feature, it is helpful for plotting bike rides.  The down side is that while trying to find a location to meet up with people before the MMA (where I spend the night), it told me to bike to boston from Buzzards Bay, take the ferry down and bike all the way back up the cape, so.... let me guess I won't be biking the Bourne Bridge unless it's under the guise of a PMC.  ;-)

I'd map Sunday but it is awfully similar just 20'ish miles shorter ;-).  Ehh, I may get around to it.