April 1st, 2018


Because of Facebook’s fuckery and because they don’t like my Bawls O’Fire (ness) over there...I’m coming back here. I don’t know if I am jonesing to be read, but do know I’d like to recover training and fitness updates. I’ll try to lob out general stuff and we’ll see what sticks. I see that I lost 2017. I will hold on to 2018. This year will not evaporate on me. I am 1 class (ok 2 if you count what I’m in now) from my Associates in CS and ride and work and live...just like every body living now ;). Ok evybodylivinnow is a super cruder reference, but let’s go with it. Essentially I like the concept of getting out from under, and the tag lyrics to the song spoke to me:
‘The kinda shit that's on your TV!
It's on the TV.
Turn off the TV.
Can you say "brainwashing?"’

Back when I started here, our identities weren’t pwned, I was Bawls, and life was not a litany of hatetred and loss. Wait maybe that was my old life...whistling like for my doggy...’cmon back old fun life!’(and make me not old while u at it).
Hello world, let’s get on getting on. April Fools&Easter what a day to be revived.