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home again home again

Pretty kerflempt as you'd expect.  And might i add that sitting down with a laptop right now is not my idea of fun ;-).  OK well, 80.11 miles @11.7 took 8hrs with stops, lost etc but equated to 6hrs50 TIS.  YAY!!! Ok, now to treat myself right and shower and get situated b4 Bruce makes it back from golfing.  And to make sure i get enough rest to pull off 50 tomorrow.  I'd say i'm looking forward to it, but i'm not.  The bright news is that by waking up at 445 and leaving the house at 6am... I missed all the rain today.  Hmmm, let's see for tomorrow... 

Pretty much a 50% chance of rain all day tomorrow, but it acutally decreases a smidge after 9am, I suppose that's good news for me and Bruce... NO early wakeup tomorrow!! wahoo.... ok like I said before I got sidetracked surfing email and internet weather.  Let me go shower!  Keep good thoughts, I'm going to ride tomorrow regardless of the weather just to do something i never have... rain ride and debug my gear/'what i need if PMC weekend happens to be soggy.

More on the ride details later.