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A quick note.  Last night, I got home to a check from our BANK.  Ok, technically it's Bruce's family bank, but  still.... They have a program VGIVES.  I sent them a request some time ago for $990 to get me to my 4k goal.  Although they didn't do that,  they were able to support me!  I doubt I'll make the honor roll of charitable donations, but hey... that's ok every little bit helps.     I am unclear on whether I can technically call another non-profit (We are a not-for-profit financial cooperative serving Vermonters since 1947.) a "corporate sponsor", but I'm going to roll with it.  YAY! So off that check goes.... Thank you VSECU!!!

Then I saw one of my pet-sitters.  In case you didn't know, both sitters are supporting my ride.  Anyway, she said that when I get back from vacation she'd be able to give me her donation.  I think that with those donations, I will have reached the PMC's fundraising requirement.  Still not my goal though, so don't rest on your laurels, or think I'm done haranguing supporters ;-)  Because I'm not.  There is sooo sooo much to do and this year is soo soo tough.  The ride may be sparser, but my commitment is not diminished.  With any luck, people like me will persevere and 100% will still go to Dana Farber.  I sure hope so!  Cancer isn't taking time off here, not on hiatus while we all get our feet under us.  The PMC needs to meet the 30million dollar goal!  Please help me help beat cancer and bring us "Closer by the Mile".