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70 down... on to 80/50

Seems to me I rode 70.67 miles today.  Average pace 12.92... 5hrs and 24 minutes of ride so now we know what I can do when I really murder myself ;-).  Twouldn't be so bad but....that kind of means that is my absolutely max.  The ride was relatively flat, but not necessarily as flat as the PMC should be... well ok until I make the return climb back to Wellesley.  I did figure out due to a glitch in my garmin forerunner that my ride last week was more like 3757, but regardless all that climb was very very tough.

I rode my bike last week and now she's in the shop.  After the ride, we took Betsey to the shop.  When I used the indoor trainer, I didn't lock the wheel in tight enough and I melted the rubber away leaving a nice glaze and a hole of unknown depth.  When I called to see if the bike store had the same tire, they did and are going to give her a tune-up.  I should be able to get her back on Tuesday.  He's going to put on clipless pedals, outfit my shoes, and let me try them to see if I want to upgrade.  I got the whole story about my increased efficiency (like 2%).  If that's all in speed, then i'll be up to whole 13.2 something.  WOW!!! Maye it'll just mean I won't die out there.  I do like the cages I have, but now i'm finding that my feet float in them sometimes and I am losing out after an upstroke where my foot floats off the pedal to the top of the cage.  Hmmm, maybe I need to make an adjustment.  He said we'll try ones that are clipless on one side and pedals on the other.  I like that I don't want to sacrifice Betsey's hoppability. 

I took off at 6:58am, stopped at 9:05 or so I was back from a 27 mile spin and at the tanning salon.  After tanning and snacking I headed back out.  I chatted up the sporting goods store owner opening on the bike path.  He's been just off for a bit but decided to move closer.  I hope it works for him.  The downfall today?  I came close to cramping or had a steady low-grade cramp in my right calf technically for 20 miles.  That and the fact that I didn't eat lunch til I got home.  Bruce read me the riot act since he isn't out there to make sure I take care of myself.  I didn't ingest much calories, but luckily some chocolate milk, more gatorade, a double cheese grilled cheese samich, chips ahoys and tortilla chips... I felt much better.  My legs and whole body are certainly letting me know that I was foolish.  Oh well there is only what 513 miles of training and riding on the schedule thru the PMC.  I guess I'll have to see what occurs as the weather gets hotter.  I hear next weekend is due some showers.  Either way 80's and some rain, I guess I'm in.  

Sigh, I'm too pooped to go into much more now.  I find I am rambling.  Thank you for your support ;-)