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ride, sally ride!

 I met a buddy for a ride at the Nashua River Rail Trail last night.   She was using her mountain bike and those nifty hybrid tires I mentioned.  I think she adores my Rans Fusion.  She trucked along for a few miles, not really enjoying it too much.  I swapped out and rode her bike from then on to 6.5 and back.  It was nice.   Although we only rode for 13 miles on the trail, I did ride the 6 round trip from the house vice driving:  19 miles at 11.6mph (I don't feel bad with that average... I was toting a monster bike!)  

Unfortunately for me, her corporate sponsor (Carlins) fell thru due to lack of funds.  She did mention that the vet practice where she works, where we've been going for years, might be in.  I hope so... Ayer Animal Medical Center was the practice to diagnose Nermal's cancer and help us thru our 3 geriatric pets ;-).... Ahhhh to get back some of the money that helped build their new facility.... and for a good cause too.... I AM IN!!!!  I'll keep you posted on any corporate sponsor developments.  I haven't heard back from MassDevelopment (my pseudo government non-government agency that owns Devens), nor our bank VSECU [Vermont State Employees Credit Union].  I hope that although their outreach tends to be in VT they'll see their way clear to supporting me ( and our niece/uncle who do live in VT who are presently brain and colon cancer survivors)....  Only time will tell....

So anyway.... Riiiiiiiiiiidddddeeeeeeeeee, SSAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLY RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!