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20 on Thursday

I ended up riding 12-15 miles with Bob. It was nice. Poor guy had to creep along, I was humping along on a loaner bike from work. I also knew better, but didn't wear my bike shorts, uhm ow. Also reminded myself to ditch my wedding bands when riding. So now today, 2 weeks away. Plan on riding with him, if I can, sometime next week. Hattie is ok, they'll know soon enough if she'll need more surgery AND radiation. Are they kidding me here? I'm mad for them; someone stop karmicly picking on her and her family. I am kinda proud, I may be a decent biking mentor. ;) I saw he was holding his back a lot and he'd mentioned his saddle. 'So go buy one.', says me. Their pocketbooks may complain, but it was the right thing to do. I told him to think of how salty you can get riding this far (chafe chafe). Then how wet if it rains...slidy chafing there. I remember riding one or 2 long rides with one with a tag annoying me... The next with the tag cut out. Annoying is better than abrading your skin. I have more appts next week. Trying to train, balance that with my course and new job ans health. I guess it can be done. I have my doubts though :). Right now I think I'm a mid B. hope it's the same after the next test and final.