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Because of Facebook’s fuckery and because they don’t like my Bawls O’Fire (ness) over there...I’m coming back here. I don’t know if I am jonesing to be read, but do know I’d like to recover training and fitness updates. I’ll try to lob out general stuff and we’ll see what sticks. I see that I lost 2017. I will hold on to 2018. This year will not evaporate on me. I am 1 class (ok 2 if you count what I’m in now) from my Associates in CS and ride and work and live...just like every body living now ;). Ok evybodylivinnow is a super cruder reference, but let’s go with it. Essentially I like the concept of getting out from under, and the tag lyrics to the song spoke to me:
‘The kinda shit that's on your TV!
It's on the TV.
Turn off the TV.
Can you say "brainwashing?"’

Back when I started here, our identities weren’t pwned, I was Bawls, and life was not a litany of hatetred and loss. Wait maybe that was my old life...whistling like for my doggy...’cmon back old fun life!’(and make me not old while u at it).
Hello world, let’s get on getting on. April Fools&Easter what a day to be revived.

Why Not

I've avoided writing here for so many reasons, not many valid ;). Let's see if I can get the bug back.
Perhaps it'll help my 10th PMC. While I do wish Mom, and Brad, and aunts could make it for this ride,...something's are not meant to be. I believe I more so wish that missing it didn't hurt her so.


Moments from now will be one year from the day you died. I don't know how I feel nor why things are like they are. I wonder if it is you who has lit my night sky. Who is blowing a cool breeze to aid my sleep. If it is not why not. Is there an after, are we alone. Are there spiritual companions? I've never said, but thank you for the stray sweet and low to let me know I'd done good. I miss you.

It's past time

I keep meaning to post. Regardless of who this is for... It should be done. I'm gearing up to 50 miles...and for a layabout slug that should be a challenge. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. ;)

Well crud

I don't post here much anymore. I did think I should though now that I completed the ride. The bus is jerky so perhaps a bad idea for someone with motion sickness. Ok shoot I'll post on the ride later.

C'mon man!!!

Last of my training rides today & tomorrow. Metric century ride to end Alzheimer's today...sigh ... It's raining :(. Yeck. Tomorrow another 62 miles followed by Foo Fighters @ Fenway. Woooooo I'm so excited. Well for Foo anyways ;).

Off to ride

I'm headed from Barre,VT to Grand Isle today. OMG wanted to kill BIL last night, but more on that later. Regardless....70 miles here I come.

Snowy Sunday

Bleck. Getting oh so tired of snow. If u are in shorts today, do not tell me! School has begun, get fit and of course PMC prep 2015. This years gotta be better.

Snow snow snow

What up or new?
30 inches of snow
Get Fit at work

Sigh, time to train baby!
Lets get it on!

We raised 41 mill.




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